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It’s Not Just A Headache! Things People With Migraine Want You To Know!

Don’t call it a headache. Some of us think that a migraine is just like a normal headache. But there’s just more to it. A migraine is more than simply a terrible headache; it’s a strong, throbbing pain in the head, usually behind the eyes, ears, or temples, that can produce nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, and even visual abnormalities like flashing lights, tunnel vision, and momentary blindness. It might last a few hours or perhaps a few days, and it can cause significant disruption in everyday life.

It’s difficult for individuals who don’t suffer from migraines to comprehend how terrible they can be. However, living with this headache problem isn’t easy. Here are some of the common facts that people with migraines would want you to know.

1. They are not ‘just’ bad headaches

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Some folks find that taking two Tylenol and drinking water is all it takes to get rid of a headache. For migraine patients, however, this is not the case.

According to the International Headache Society, you must experience at least five attacks lasting 4 to 72 hours and exhibiting at least two of the following symptoms: one-sided, pulsing, moderate to severe intensity, and worsens with physical activity. Sometimes headaches don’t mean they are regular headaches. They can be different and the treatment for it is also different.

2. Migraine affects more than just the head

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Migraines are classified as headaches, yet they impact much more than the head. There are 2 types of migraines: aura and without aura. For migraines with aura, the auras might appear up to 30 minutes before a migraine. In such cases, the sufferer will see wavy lines, flashing lights, tingling, pins and needle feel or distorted things which are all symptoms of the aura.

Thus, migraine affects more than just your head, making everyday living much more difficult.

3. Migraine are hard to treat

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Migraines are difficult to cure since every patient is different, whether male or female, young or elderly and not every drug works. Because doctors don’t know how each patient will react to various drugs, treating a migraine is frequently a guessing game. So it snots every time you pop in 2 paracetamol and your migraine flies away.

4. Not only do women get them

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Both men and women are likely to experience migraines. While menstruation is a migraine trigger that affects just women, other frequent triggers that impact both men and women include lack of sleep, too much coffee, alcohol, stress, and even specific foods.

5. Not easy to avoid migraine

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You cannot control a migraine because it is considered a biological event. However, there are certain ways you can minimize getting a migraine such as practicing a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight.

So if you happen to know people with migraines or if anyone complained they have a migraine, don’t take them lightly for a regular headache because the pain is really hard to cope with.

Sources: Self

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