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Do Not Just Wash Them, You Should Do These When You Suffer From Sore Eyes

Without a doubt, the eyes are definitely one of the most sensitive body parts that are located in the body. They could easily get infected with all the bacteria and also the germs from the air. Other than that, the eyes also could hurt if there are touched by contaminated things such as the hands or even tears. That is why it is important for us to care.

Everyone needs to be extra careful because sore eyes could be easily contagious towards other people. Once there is anyone around you that are suffering from sore eyes, self-precaution needs to be done as soon as possible by others.

Ways How Sore Eyes Can Infect Other People:

  1. When the hands got contagious with germs, then it touched the eyes.
  2. In contact with tears that are contaminated, excrement, or even airdrops.

What To Do When You Have Sore Eyes:

  1. Stop using contact lenses.
  2. Stop using makeup on the eyes.
  3. Change your pillow sheets every day.
  4. Use a new towel every day.
  5. Wash hands regularly.
  6. Do not use the same cloth when you wanted to wipe your eyes.

Treatment For Sore Eyes:

  1. Pain killer – Use Paracetamol
  2. To make it less itchy – Use Antihistamine
  3. To moist eyes – Use eye drops
  4. If it caused by Bacteria – Use Antibiotic

Famous Myth About Sore Eyes:

  1. Looking directly at people who have sore eyes could make you get sore eyes too.
  2. To avoid it from spreading, you must wear dark sunglasses.
  3. For medication, you need to use mother’s milk as an eyedrop.

Sources: Twitter DoktorSamhan.

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