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NPRA Product Status App, Ensuring The Safety of Your Medications

NPRA Product Status

NPRA Product Status app is one of the most useful applications that people can use nowadays. This app can easily be downloaded from Google Playstore and also App Store. It would help you to know the status of all the products and medications that you buy from a store or online. You could never be too careful to check on the things you bought.

For those who might not know, every product that focuses on health would always use chemicals in them. There are some chemicals that are safe to be used while there are others that are dangerous to be used. That is why it is better for you to check on the registration number of the products with MOH Malaysia before you are sure to use them.

Simple steps to use the NPRA Product Status

This is the easy way to use the NPRA Product Status when you are checking on the products.

  1. Open the NPRA Product Status on your phone.
  2. On the Product Category option, choose between Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic.
  3. Next, choose one of the criteria in the Search By column.
    • Product Name
    • Product Registration Number
    • Notification Number
    • Holder Name
    • Manufacturer Name
    • Importer
    • Active Ingredient
  4. In the Search column, insert the additional information based on the criteria chosen. Then, click search
  5. If there is no result, that means the product that you bought is not registered and is not safe to be used.

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