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Mobile Phones To Know That Are Cancelled, Unreleased, Or Just Prototype

There are several examples of mobile phones that did not make it to the production phase. Many people might not know about it. On the contrary, there are people who love to know about gadgets probably have higher knowledge about this. In whatever situation you are, to know a little bit about these mobile phones could be very interesting.

The reasons for these phones do not get produced in a huge quantity might vary. Some of them would be due to the phones getting canceled, just unreleased, or even stuck in the prototype phase. These are some examples of phones.

The Types Of Mobile Phones

1) Sooner

Picture: Twitter @sondesix

Amazingly, this is the first prototype of an Android phone ever made. According to the Tweet from @sondesix, this phone has 64MB RAM, a screen the size of 320×240 measurement. Next, the phone has a 960 mAh battery which is pretty small, and also a 1.3 MP camera resolution. At that time, this might be a great phone to be used by all but it was unfortunately just a prototype.

2) Sony Ericsson’s Xperia VAIO

mobile phones

Picture: Twitter @sondesix

This is such a unique and creative design of a phone that will attract so many people to buy it. Back in the year 2010, it was initially planned to be released to the public. One feature that is so interesting with this phone is none other than the hinged slide-out QWERTY keyboard. In addition, it acquires Android 2.1 Eclair and also has a 5.5″ display.

3) Nokia Lumia 1030 (McLaren)

Picture: Twitter @sondesix

This is an example of a phone that has a running Windows system in it. To make it more mesmerizing and different than the other phones, it has a ‘Hover Touch’ feature. The ‘3D Touch’ would be the other name for it and it could sense the finger when you hover on the screen of the phone.

4) Sony Ericsson P5 (Paris)

mobile phones

Picture: Twitter @sondesix/GSMArena

This phone was sadly canceled just shortly before the announcement of it. One of the reasons might be that this kind of phone might not be able to compete with other phones in the market. Worth knowing that this particular phone runs Symbian with a new UIQ 3.3.

5) Xperia PLAY 2

Picture: Twitter @sondesix

This is a phone that could be a great gaming phone back in the previous time. This is because the phone has a certification from PlayStation and also comes with a gamepad. After that, it has a modern version of specs and features. One of them would be an advanced cooling system.

Sources: Twitter @sondesix.

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