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Calculating Chocolate Chips Using Mathematic, These Are The Tricks

calculating chocolate chips

Calculating chocolate chips might be the least favorite thing that anyone in this whole wide world wants to do. The hardest part would be if they want to calculate them using just one single chocolate chip. These are the tricks done.

According to the TikTok page of Math Academia, they have gone through the struggle of counting the total number of all the chocolate chips. Looking at the video, it was a fascinating technique used by them to calculate all of them.

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Tricks On Calculating Chocolate Chips

1) Measure the size of a single chocolate chip then draw a graph.

2) They have been using a cosine graph to understand the calculation.

3) Next, form an equation using the measurements.

4) After that, they verify the graph using desmos.

5) This might be the trickiest part of the process and that is integrating it to find the total volume of revolution for the chocolate chip.

6) Find the volume of all the chocolate chips.

7) By calculation, the total number of chocolate chips is 751.

8) To check the accuracy of the calculation, they count the total number of all the chocolate chips one by one.

9) The actual total number of all the chocolate chips turns out to be 773.

That is truly an amazing journey for all the members of Math Academia and also all the viewers of the posted video.

Sources: TikTok.

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