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Greasy Pans Are So Disgusting, These Are Ways To Make It Shine

Greasy pans are something that many people do not like to see. Especially if it is hanging around in the kitchen and all the guests could see the hideous part of it. One positive outcome that could be taken from this appearance of pans would be that you use them often. Despite that, having shiny-looking pans are something that is pleasing to the eyes.

There are so many alternatives that can be done to make your pans shiny again. Surprisingly, all of the ways are so easy to be done by anyone. For those who would want to try them, these are some of the recommended ways to do.

Picture: Apartment Therapy

Ways To Make Your Greasy Pans Shiny Again

1) Vinegar And Boiling Water

By using the pan, boil an even ratio of vinegar and also water to remove the burnt spots in it. After the solution has become hot enough, turn off the heat. Then, throw away the solution and continue to wash the pan just by using soap and water. As a reminder, this way is the safest way to be used on non-stick pans.

2) Ketchup And Salt

Tarnished pans can also be cleaned by using ketchup and salt on them. Old stains can be removed when they meet the acid from the tomatoes. Scrub the pans with a soft cloth after you have added a layer of ketchup on the surface of your pans. Then rinse your pans from all the ketchup and also salt. It works best on copper pans.

3) Alumunium Foil

Aluminum foil can also be used as a sponge to clean your pans. By adding baking soda or even scouring powder, the scrubbing power to make the pans shiny would be more powerful. Tough stains or even grease on the surface of the pans can easily be removed. Please be alert, never use this way on non-stick pans.

4) Boiling Water And Baking Soda

Boil the solution of water and also baking soda. After it has started boiling, place the metal pans into the solution. After that, remove them from the solution. Mix an even ratio of baking soda and water so that a thick paste can be formed. Lastly, use the paste to scrub the metal pans.

5) Potato And Salt

Iron pans can be cleaned just by simply using potatoes and also salt. Sprinkle some salt on the surface of the pans. Then, cut a potato in half. After that, scrub the potato cut side down vigorously on the surface of the pans. It is important to use a circular motion. Lastly, rinse off any residue on the surface of the pans before use.

Sources: wikiHow.

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