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Silicone Babies That Are Famously Made By A Woman For Various Usage

Silicone babies are something that many people might not know about. This is because even though these kinds of babies are used in movies, they look exactly the same as real-life babies. Thanks to a woman named Susan Gibbs, silicone babies are a huge thing.

Looking at all of her collections posted on her Instagram account, all the babies look so real. People who are not quite familiar with these silicone babies might think that this woman playing with real babies in all of her posts. Majorly, she made these kinds of babies for the film industry. Another reason she made these babies is actually for therapy. It might be surprising but it is true.

silicone babies

Picture: Instagram

Steps Needed To Make Silicone Babies

  1. Create a clay model in the shape of the baby.
  2. Cover the clay model with silicone.
  3. Pour liquid silicone into the mold and leave it to set.
  4. After a few hours, remove the silicone mold.
  5. The silicone baby is to be revealed so that it can be washed and painted.

This is such interesting thing created by Susan Gibbs herself. Hopefully, everyone in this whole wide world would accept the idea.

Sources: LADbible Australia, Instagram Susan Gibbs.

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