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Baby Names That Are Singapore-Inspired Shared By A Woman TikToker

baby names

Baby names are something that people would always brainstorm a lot. This is because they wanted to make sure that they find the perfect names for their own children. Luckily for some people, they are easily inspired by so many things around them. Very easy!

For example, this woman that is from the United States. She has recently posted a video that shows how she creates several baby names that are Singapore-inspired. It was indeed posted in the woman’s TikTok page that goes by the name monicamillington.

@monicamillington Let me know ur pick in the comments #babynameideas #singaporetiktok #sglife #tiktoksg #singlish #babynames #pregnancytok #newmomlife #expatsg #expatlife #singaporelife #americanabroad #multiculturalkid #multiculturalfamily ♬ original sound – Monica from The Apprentice

As can be seen in the posted video, she mentioned that she is already in a baby names hunt. To make it easy, she has purposely divided the names that she are inspired into two categories. First one is the female names and the second one is the make names.

List Of Baby Names


1) Kaya

For her, this would definitely be the cutest little girl’s name ever. Other than that, she also thinks that the name is pretty delicious.

2) Laksa

She stated that this name is a girl’s name for sure. It is such a fuzzy, mysterious, and a very chic name.

3) Marina

Her thoughts for this name is relevant and also chic for girl. In addition, she also stated that the name is a little bit pretentious. Upon hearing the name for only one time, she can definitely tell that it is a very upper-class of a society name.

4) Clementi

Sounds like a Birtish clamentine but a bit more sassy. The name is also a very cute name.


1) Fullerton

This name for a little boy really predicts that he would already be a CEO of some bank somewhere.

2) Boon

Inspired by the Singapore’s LRT station. The name brings the country vibe to it and also a strong name for a boy.

3) Sian

The name is a bit quirky. Boy with that name can be so interesting, very well-read.

Sources: TikTok monicamillington.

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