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Festivals Celebrating The Dead, These Are 5 Main Examples Globally

festivals celebrating the dead

There are so many festivals celebrating the dead that many people do not know about. Some people might have heard about them but do not truly understand them in detail. Worry not because these are some of the examples.

These kinds of festivals are celebrated all around the world actually. They are done with having quite similarities with each other but not totally the same. The differences can be seen in how they are celebrated or even the reasons.

Festivals Celebrating The Dead

1) All Soul’s Day

In accordance with the dead, Saint Odilo of Cluny has established All Soul’s Day. Christians people especially Roman Catholics have been practicing this festival. It is to pray for the dead people. Other than All Soul’s Day, the festival is also called ‘Defuncts’ Day’, ‘Feast of All Souls’, ‘Commemoration of the Faithful Departed’, or even ‘Day of the Dead’. People usually would visit the grave of their loved ones. They then decorate the grave with candles and also flowers.

2) Obon

This Obon festival is actually a Japanese Buddhist festival. According to the beliefs, it is the time when all the souls of the dead take their time to revisit those who are still alive. Decorations that are usually used for the festival would be lanterns, bonfires, and also lit flotillas. These are used as a guide for the dead to find their way back home. For the major celebration, hanging of light, family gatherings, and also dancing will usually be incorporated into the festival.

3) Pitru Paksha

In Hindu belief, this is a festival that will always be celebrated. Other than Pitru Paksha, this festival is also known as Shraddha. This festival is indeed for the Hindus to pay respect and homage to their own ancestors. It is usually done by doing food offerings to them. During this important time, abstinence, pilgrimage, and pure thoughts are observed.

4) The Festival Of The Hungry Ghost

This is a Chinese festival that happens during the seventh lunar month. According to the belief, this is the time when restless spirits decided to emerge from the lower realm. They then roam the streets instead. If they are no offering done to them, they can always cause mischief to others. They also can be offered with intricate. It is in the form of paper creations that look like cars, hell money, books, or phones. They are always burned for the offering to be done.

5) Chuseok

Last but not least, this is a festival usually celebrated in the North and also South Korea. During its own celebration, there would always be the activity of grave tending. Then, it will be followed by the cleaning of the grave. Finally, there would be a symbolic bow or even offering just for the deceased. In addition, the offering is going to be in the form food ritual offering. The foods that got offered are rice, meats, and also drinks favored by the departed relatives.

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