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Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales Of The Macabre, Haunting New Series On Netflix

For creepy and scary series lovers, you will be excited about this. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales Of The Macabre will be coming to Netflix. Junji Ito is actually a very famous Japanese horror mangaka. Has his own collection of horror anime anthology series.

According to the Japan Objects website, he has multiple iconic anime anthology series. For example, Tomie. It is a series talking about an immortal girl that has a really strong desire. The desire then leads her to madness. Next would be Uzumaki. It is actually a three-volume series. The series is indeed about a town that is always in love with spirals. Other than that is Gyo. That talks about a two-volume story. Shockingly, the fish there is in control by a strain of sentient bacteria. The name is ‘the death stench’.

Picture: Grapee

This Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales Of The Macabre would surely be a compilation series. It would consist of a total of 20 of Junji Ito’s most well-known horror stories. Even the manga itself makes you eager to read more about the story. Really could not wait on how the Netflix adaptation is going to be. As of now, there is still no trailer released to explain more about the series.

Junji Ito reveals the art from various stories. He also talked about them in detail. All just to celebrate the latest announcement. For those who are already excited, it is announced that the highly anticipated Netflix series will be released in the year 2023 soon.

Sources: IGN Southeast Asia, Twitter

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