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Kaaba-Looking Mosque Built By Villagers To Heal Their Longing Feeling

Kaaba-looking mosque

A Kaaba-looking mosque is a building that is in under process. The building is actually an idea from the villagers of Mukapayung, Kecamatan Cililin, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat. People do not know this but they have their own reason for doing it.

The main reason for the idea is indeed to heal their longing feeling. Most of the villagers there have been longing to visit the city of Mecca. Geographically, Mecca has located thousands of kilometers away from the village. Such a great effort from all the villagers.


Lihat siaran ini di Instagram


Siaran dikongsi oleh Terang Media (@terangmedia)

In the recent video uploaded by the Instagram page of Terang Media, the mentioned mosque is still under construction. It can be seen that the doors and also the bottom of the mosque are still not painted and installed properly. Hopefully, it will finish soon.

The shape of the mosque is definitely a square-shaped building. Other than that, the mosque also appears to be in black color painting with gold color decorations. It will give a more convincing touch to it. Cannot wait to see the end look for this amazing Kaaba-looking mosque. Amazingly, this mosque has been a big topic that people talk on. Surely many people will pray there too.

Sources: Instagram Terang Media.

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