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Mamak Rap Talent? Hilarious Video Of Introducing Menus Like A Rapper

Mamak rap talent

People are really enjoying this recent TikTok video! It showcases ‘Mamak’ rap talent. The video is actually posted by a TikToker by the name Mista Shaque. The video is his interpretation of how Mamak workers can introduce all of the menus.

There is never a doubt that Mamak has this amazing ability. That is to list out all the menus that they have at their restaurant. So talented of them! That is why so many Malaysians feel the video is so relatable to them. You guys can enjoy the full video below.

@mistashaque Dapat customer macam ni memang pening 😒 #mamak #mamakrap #anney #fyp ♬ original sound – Mista Shaque

Mamak Rap Talent

Looking at all the netizens’ comments, Malaysians do agree with the interpretation. This is what they talk at the comment section.

Picture: TikTok Mista Shaque

Picture: TikTok Mista Shaque

All in all, the video is very interesting to be watched. This Tiktoker also has a great talent to rap with random words he knows.

Sources: TikTok Mista Shaque.

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