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Dewa 19 Concert Ticket Sold Out Within Just 1 Hour

More than three years without action, Dewa 19 is back in action. As of now, the tickets for their concert have shockingly sold out. The name of the concert is 30 Years of Dewa 19 Concert. It is actually in conjunction with the rock band’s own 30th anniversary.

For those who might not know, the concert will be held at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur. The exact date is on 10th September. As stated in several reports, tickets sold out within just an hour. Some people that wanted to buy had to wait for two hours to get it.

Picture: Instagram

For a long time not seeing Dewa 19, fans complained that it was difficult to get tickets. The online ticket can be obtained through It is disappointing when they failed to get a better seat. Instead, they complied willingly with the seat they get.

List Of Seats

Laskar Cinta (standing)
Early bird: RM168
Full price: RM188

Dewi (level 4)
Early bird: RM148
Full price: RM168

Kangen (level 3)
Early bird: RM268
Full price: RM288

Roman Picisan (level 3)
Early bird: RM368
Full price: RM388

Arjuna (level 3)
Early bird: RM468
Full price: RM488

According to the organizers, it’s possible that the 30 Years of Dewa 19 Concert will be added one more night. Wishing for the best.

Sources: Instagram.

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