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Huge LCD Screen Fell Off During A Boyband Concert In Hong Kong

huge LCD screen
Picture: South China Morning Post

A huge LCD screen has recently become a huge horror for many people. This is because an incident occurred during a boyband concert where the LCD screen fell off and injured two individuals. Very devastating accident to look at happened in Hong Kong.

At first, the LCD screen was perfectly suspended on top of the stage. Unexpectedly, it came falling down crashing on the stage. For those who might not know, the mentioned concert is actually a concert from a boyband group named Mirror. So truly horrifying.

Picture: The Guardian

As stated on The Guardian website, the performance that day was the fourth of a series of performances that they have planned. In total, there are actually 12 scheduled concerts by the band called Mirror, and all of them will be held at Hong Kong Coliseum.

As can be seen in the video, an individual got hit directly on the head and the body by the LCD screen. The other one was toppled over by the falling screen.

Both of them were immediately sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Fortunately, both of them were in a conscious state at that time. Various reports from the local media stated that one of them is in a very ‘serious condition’ while another is in a stable state.

Sources: The Guardian.

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