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Humongous Cow Believed For Sacrificial Of Eid Al-Adha, Netizens Are Amazed

humongous cow

A particular humongous cow has indeed been the highlight for many people recently. To be more specific, it was actually a video that got posted on social media. The video went viral because the cow is seen as bigger than any other usual cow that ever exists.

For those who might not know, cows can easily be looked to be sacrificed in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidiladha. In a video that was uploaded on Instagram, two cows were seen tethered in an open area. However, the size of one of the cows amazed people.

The cow is 3 times larger than the other cow. So baffled by the occurrence. In fact, if viewed more closely, the height of the big cow is also seen to be equal to the height of the roof of the house located at the back of the area where the cows are indeed tethered.

Picture: Instagram

A lot of netizens questioned the purpose of the humongous cow. According to the caption uploaded along with the video, the huge cow was surely believed to be used for sacrificial purposes. If it is true, people who live there would get great benefit from the cow.

The video has really attracted so many attention from the local and global netizens. They left some funny comments for the video. Previously, a sharing about the dos and don’ts for the sacrificial meat has been posted. This is because there are some people who might still not know what is important to do during the celebration. It includes before, during, and after the Islamic celebration.

Sources: Instagram, The Stoly.

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