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Inside of Rotten Durian? Know After Being Left Uneaten For Some Time

rotten durian

There are some things in this whole wide world worth watching when they happen. For example, the inside of rotten durian. This kind of gross situation is indeed not something that many people anticipated. But, many things can be learned from the situation.

A Facebook user that goes by the name Just Keep Thinking has posted a video that went viral. The video shows a transformation of a durian when it is left uneaten for some time. Looking at the video is indeed a very gross thing to look at. See the video below.

The rotten durian is observed under a microscope. By doing that, all the details of the rotten durian can be seen very clearly. The Facebook user said that it is a perfect ecosystem for the growth of black mold. In fact, you even see the massive fuzzy carpet of it.

After a more detailed observation, there is also white mold growing on the inside of the durian skin. Specific things found on it:

  1. Sporangia – Spore bags that contain thousands of tiny spores waiting to be released.
  2. Harlo Fruit Fly – It loves decaying fruits and is attracted to mold as well.
  3. Bettles – Have cute clubbed antennae.

Sources: Facebook Just Keep Thinking.

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