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Kamen Rider Is On Delivery Service? Loved By Many Netizens

Kamen Rider is definitely one of the most favored characters that ever exist. Recently, this particular character has become the main topic of many netizens’ conversations. This is because the Kamen Rider character is doing the delivery service duty. Funny!

The video of it actually was posted on TikTok. After that, the video gained so many views and likes. Then, the video went viral. As can be seen in the video, an individual in a complete outfit of the character. To be more specific, it is the Kamen Rider Faiz outfit.

@zerofear77 Lain macam hantar parcel ari ni 😆 #kamenrider #kamenriderfaiz #abamjnt #abgfoodpanda #grab #shopee ♬ Justifais – ISSA

For those who might not know, Kamen Rider Faiz is actually a Japanese tokusatsu television drama. It is the 13th installment in the highly-anticipated series. Many people in this whole wide world have become very familiar with this specific type of character.

Looking at the comments section, a lot of netizens found that video very entertaining to watch. They also think that it is so creative.

Picture: TikTok

Picture: TikTok

It is actually very refreshing and also satisfying to see this kind of effort. People are getting more and more creative in their work. As long as they are happy with what they are doing and do not disturb others, that is surely a very great effort by them to do work.

Sources: TikTok zerofear77

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