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New Method From Google To Block Unskippable Advertisement In Apps

new method from Google

A new method from Google could be so helpful for many people in this whole wide world. The method is none other than to block all of the unskippable and also very annoying advertisements. To be very exact is to block the advertisements in the Android app.

Other than blocking annoying advertisements, the method is to block bad behavior in the Play Store as well. The updated method will be fully operated on the 30th of September. Google stated, “this is to help give high-quality experiences for users when they are using Google Play apps”. This is definitely something that many people have been waiting for all this time. So happy about it!

Picture: TechCrunch

New Method From Google

The explanation for the new policy is as follows. It is to remind the developers that all apps cannot pop up ads that are full-screen in size and that would not let user to close the ads after 15 seconds. Despite that, there are some exceptions for the new method.

This particular new policy will not be applied in 2 conditions. First one is going to be when user willingly choose to watch the ad so that they would get some sort of rewards or even points. The second one is when the ads pop up during a break in any apps.

Sources: The Verge.

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