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Safety Rules During Floods, These Are 5 You Should Practice

safety rules during floods

There are several safety rules during floods that are so beneficial to know. As we all know, there are more and more places that have been dealing with floods situation. In addition, they happen in the country and also all over the world. That is so dangerous.

Knowing some safety rules that you can use during floods would help you a lot. Other than saving yourself, they also might be very helpful for you to save your loved ones. If you do not know all of them, these 5 important ones are some of them to know.

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5 Safety Rules To Practice During Floods

1) Do Not Try To Walk In Flooded Areas

Some people might think that they can walk through a flooded area. This is a very wrong decision to make because the depth of the flooded area might seem shallow but it can be very deep and you cannot see them from far. That is the reason why you should never walk in flooded areas to move from a certain place to another. Other than that, the current of the water might be swifter than you expected it to be. Just remember that you actually just have to go to a higher place when you got caught in the flood.

2) Abandon Stalled Cars As Soon As Possible

When your car got stuck in a flood, you should just abandon the car as soon as possible. That is because it would not bring you any advantage at all. You do not have to waste your own time trying to stop and save your car from the flood. When the car started to float away by the water, it is even more dangerous for you if you try to save your car. As an action, just leave the car be.

3) Always Keep Updated With The Flood Situation In Your Area

Always listen to the local news and also the weather reports so that you will always keep updated with the flood situation. This is especially the situation in your own area. A flood is indeed not something that will settle down within a day, that is why you need to always keep track of the update. You really have to know when or whether you ever have to evacuate the area or not.

4) Do Not Go To A Flooded Area With Your Vehicle

Whatever types of cars that you are using, you should never go to a flooded area with your own will. This is because your car is surely not a boat. Do not ever try that. You always have to put your safety first. If you are in your car and you see a flooded area in front of you, turn around and drive in another direction. Even if the flooded area is shallow, do not try to go there!

5) Evacuate A Flooded Area If You Are Told To Do So

When you are listening to the news, and you got the order to evacuate the area. You should really leave the area with immediate action. Do not wait until the situation gets even worse. Even if you have evacuated the area, keep on updated with the news.

Sources: Love To Know.

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