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Dugong Is Now Functionally Extinct In China Due To Several Reasons


The dugong is actually under the marine animal. For many parts of the world, this exact species has been categorized to be close to extinction. Unfortunately, it is recently announced that this dugong species is now functionally extinct in China. That is so sad!

To be more specific, a group of researchers has officially declared the manatee-related mammal that is known as the dugong, to be extinct in China. According to the BBC website, only three residents living on the coast in China have spotted them in five years.

Picture: BBC

Chief researcher of the study that is none other than Prof. Samuel Turvey described the extinction of the dugong as a great loss for the country. However, there are a few other dugongs still exist in other waters but they also are currently facing the same threat.

To know more about it, a group of great researchers from the Zoological Society of London and the Chinese Academy of Sciences reviewed all historical records of the dugong in the country. They found no sightings of the animal by any scientist since 2000.

Reasons For The Dugong In China To Be Extinct

  1. Widespread degradation of the habitat.
  2. Historical hunting.
  3. Exessive Fishing.
  4. Ship strikes.

All of these reasons would be the main catalyst for a lot of people to prioritize conservation efforts. This is especially for dugongs.

Sources: CNN, The Guardian.

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