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Pokemon-Themed Scoot Plane Comes With Adorable Merchandise

Pokemon-themed Scoot plane is definitely the thing that got most talked about. Looking at the posted pictures, the plane looks absolutely adorable. Not just the design and also the theme of the plane, but the merchandise related to it is also cute to look at.

According to the Travel Daily Media website, the launch is made by The Pokémon Company (TPC) which is Japanese-based. It is their Pokémon Air Adventures in Singapore and partnership with Scoot Pte Ltd (Scoot) for an exclusive Pikachu Jet in Singapore.

Picture: IGN

The first phase of the Pokémon Air Adventures would be none other than the Pikachu Jet TR. This incentive done by them is true to encourage a higher number of tourists to travel to Singapore. Pokemon is indeed a huge sensation all over the world, so it can easily attract so many people to travel with a plane that has the theme. The outside and also the inside of the plane look so cute.

As stated at the top of the article, there are also some merchandise with a Pokemon theme that the passengers could easily buy.

  1. Tote bags,
  2. Lanyards,
  3. Bucket hats,
  4. Collector’s edition of the aircraft model,
  5. Specially-curated Japanese inflight meals.

and also many others for you to collect. In conclusion, this kind of theme for a plane could easily make people interested to travel.

Sources: Mothership, CNA Lifestyle, Travel Daily Media, Pokemon Air Adventures.

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