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Preloved Books To Sell? Send Them All Over To ‘Buku Terpakai’ Store

Preloved books are something that is so relatable to this idiom. For those who might not know, it is such a well-known idiom. The idiom goes like this, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. For sure, most people worldwide must have heard about this.

There is this store that is located in Puchong that specializes to buy preloved books. It is a very helpful thing for so many people in Malaysia who wanted to give some space for their bookshelves at home with brand new books. The name is ‘Buku Terpakai’ store.

Instead of throwing away all of your old books that are still in perfect condition, it is better for you to sell your books here. At this ‘Buku Terpakai’ store, you can buy books that you find interesting there other than just to sell them. Wide options to choose from.

This particular store is definitely one of the best places for you to go if you are searching for old books that are in good condition, new books, or rare books. You will definitely spend a lot of time searching for books if you ever visit this great store in Puchong.

Address: No 6, Jalan SP3/7, Saujana Puchong, 47110 Puchong, Selangor.

Phone Number: 012-6630530

Sources: Facebook Buku Terpakai.

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