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MrBeast Burger Joint Draws Thousands of Fans In Grand Opening

MrBeast Burger
Picture: @mrbeastburger

Thousands of fans swarmed a New Jersey mall for internet sensation Jimmy Donaldson’s (MrBeast) first-ever burger joint, MrBeast Burgers. And then, over 10,000 fans crowded the restaurant even before it opened.

A few thousand even camped overnight just to be able to get a taste of the famous burger.

MrBeast is shocked to see the turnout and overwhelmed with the reception that MrBeast Burgers receive. “We open our first Beast Burger in 10 minutes and there are 10,000+ people already in line,” he said.

What’s more, MrBeast also tweeted his gratefulness to his fans saying, “I literally work in my studio all day and barely ever leave, so seeing something like this is mind-blowing.”

Other than that, MrBeast claims that his restaurant broke the world record. Interestingly, it is for the most burgers sold in a single day by a single restaurant.

MrBeast Burgers Early Life

The 24-year-old is famous for his philanthropic videos and credit for spearheading a genre on YouTube revolving around expensive stunts. It is the fifth-most subscriber YouTube channel and has over 104 million subscribers.

MrBeast gained attention in 2017 when his video “counting to 100,000” received thousands of views within days of posting. His video viewer count continued to rise to 10 million in just a few years. His latest video titled “I Hunted 100 People For $1,000,000” received 22 million views in just a few days.

MrBeast Burger first launched back in 2020 as a way to help struggling restaurant owners generate new revenue to combat financial struggles.

Mr. Beast Burger is a virtual-restaurant brand operating out of existing restaurants in the US. Customers can order MrBeast Burgers via their apps or major food delivery service apps. Customers receive their burgers by food delivery.

MrBeast Burger has grown to over 1000 locations in North America and Europe.

Sources: MrBeast, Nypost

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