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Often Associated With Women, Now Men Can Also Wear Make-Up

Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Make-up is often associated with women. When walking to a beauty chain store, women’s make-up such as lipstick, blusher, foundation, and mascara are spread everywhere. Any brand of make-up can be accessed easily in almost every beauty chain store. Moreover, health care stores also provide a variety of make-up to their customers.

Now in 2022, there’s a drugstore make-up, especially for men. Men now have their own make-up range.  A Thailand make-up brand, IN2IT comes out with a full range of make-up for men known as IN2IT MEN. In Malaysia,  IN2IT is found at any outlet of Watson’s all over Malaysia.

These are what they offer in the IN2IT MEN range:

1) IN2IT MEN Moist Lip Balm


Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Men with chapped lips can wear lip balm to moisturize their dry and chapped lips. Lip balm is able to heal chapped lips and protects them against the Sun.

2) IN2IT MEN Pressed Powder


Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Sometimes, exposure to Sun makes your skin oily. Oily skin can make your face feel greasy and shiny. Thus, this pressed powder can set your skin and make it looks matte. Say no more to oily face! For more tips, after wearing sunblock, use pressed powder to make it not rub off your skin.

3) IN2IT MEN Concealer


Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Panda eyes always make people anxious with their looks. Some people might think you do not get enough sleep, or you stay up late to watch football games. So, how to cover these unpleasant eyes? Men with panda eyes can buy this concealer to conceal their black eyes. This concealer is also able to cover blemishes and pigments and make you look flawless as ever!

4) IN2IT MEN Liquid Foundation


Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Foundation is a type of liquid. This liquid foundation can help you to even your complexion color and conceal your flaws.

5) IN2IT MEN Eyebrow Mascara


Picture: IN2IT Cosmetics

Men with bushy eyebrows must try this eyebrow mascara!  Eyebrow mascara can act as a grooming tool. It can tame your bushy eyebrows by making them look neater.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own make-up now! For more information regarding IN2IT MEN, do visit Watson’s website.

Sources: Watson’s, IN2IT Cosmetics


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