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PKNS SELBIZ 2022 Boosts Entrepreneurs’ Business Momentum


The Selangor State Development or Perbadanan  Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) successfully concluded its first edition of Ekspo Usahawan  Selangor 2022 (SELBIZ 2022) witnessing an estimated turnout of 149 and 5000 comprising exhibitors and visitors respectively. Entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry took up the majority of the exhibitors’ slots with 48%, followed by entrepreneurs in the retail industry with 28%, and the remaining 24% from the service industry. 

“It’s very encouraging to see the entrepreneurial spirit and passion showcased by the entrepreneurs at SELBIZ 2022. It’s one of our commitments to provide a platform of comprehensive resources for these entrepreneurs to thrive in their business,” remarked PKNS  Deputy CEO (Corporate & Entrepreneurship), Haji Suhaimi Kasdon, at SELBIZ 2022. 

Highlighting PKNS’ mission of contributing to the socioeconomic performance of Selangor,  SELBIZ 2022, is an extension of the PKNS’ entrepreneurial programs such as Program  Perintis Usahawan, Program Tunas Niaga (PROTUNe), Program Usahawan Mahasiswa  (PUM) and Program Usahawan Siswazah (GROW). The programs are curated to offer new pathways for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. Intending to nurture and develop the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Program Perintis Usahawan, PROTUNe, and GROW  target secondary school students, university students as well as graduates, in particular, to boost economic competitiveness in Selangor in the long term. 

Among the 149 exhibitors, four inspiring entrepreneurs, Abdul Halim bin Asmuni, Founder of  Halim Asmuni Enterprise; Ezlyn Wahida binti Khalid, Chief Marketing Officer of Sambaleena;  Saiful Azlan bin Ramli, Managing Director of Susu Irfan; Waliyyah binti Silong Taib, Founder of Sugar Dinda; shared insights and experience on how PKNS’ entrepreneurial programs have elevated their business.

Stressing the importance of proper business guidance from experts, Susu Irfan Managing  Director, Saiful Azlan bin Ramli, shared how business advice from industry players under the PKNS GROW program has helped his business navigate through the economic challenges. “Susu Irfan in recent years has managed to penetrate a new market in Indonesia.  Equipped with knowledge gained from the program, we now know the tips and tricks for better financial management, reducing the risk of loss in new markets,” revealed the 33-year-old entrepreneur.  

Chief Marketing Officer of Sambaleena, Ezlyn Wahida binti Khalid, expressed her gratitude for the networking opportunity under the GROW program which brings in more business collaborations and experience in direct dealing with customers. “Sambaleena started as a  home-based business in 2014. We are very fortunate to have grown significantly over the past years as we started to explore more business strategies with PKNS,” said the Culinary Art graduate. “With the business continuing to expand, Sambaleena is looking forward to helping more people, women especially, to gain financial stability and independence through entrepreneurship,” she added.  

Starting Sugar Dinda amidst the pandemic, founder, Waliyyah binti Silong Taib, navigated her way through the concentrated food and beverage industry by padding up her business strategy. “Prior to joining GROW, Sugar Dinda’s focus was solely on delivering good quality products with little focus on the strategic part of the business. Exposure to other business  aspects including marketing and accounting has helped me elevate the business further.” As a testament to the success, the 28-year-old revealed her achievement in increasing her business revenue by 87.5% after joining PKNS GROW. 

Sharing how PKNS has helped his business remain competitive in the fashion industry amidst challenges, the founder of Halim Asmuni, Abdul Halim bin Asmuni said that PKNS contributed to his growth as an entrepreneur. “Participating in the PKNS entrepreneurial program actually paved new business paths that helped me identify bright spots in the industry,” said the  Selangor entrepreneur. “As Halim Asmuni is expanding, it is also part of our aim to share industry knowledge that we have gained with university students through internship placements,” he added.  

In line with its commitment to promoting the state’s socio-economic growth, PKNS has been and continues to, nurture entrepreneurs through various programs over the last 27 years.  To date, PKNS has nurtured over 41,000 business owners through its programs.

About PKNS  

The Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) was established on 1 August 1964  under the Selangor State Development Corporation Enactment (1964) as a statutory body and development agency for the state of Selangor.  

Its establishment was intended to uphold the country’s independence through just economic distribution and socio-economic growth that are guided by government policies in order to create stability, harmony, and social justice, specifically in the state of Selangor. This aspiration is fulfilled through the development of new growth centers, exploration of vibrant and sustainable residential areas, and development of industrial and business centers as well as various investment activities.  

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