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RedRecords Newest Signing, Highly Acclaimed Songsmith Lullaboy, Makes His Big Label Debut With New Single, “Shortcut To Heaven”


Indonesian-Singaporean singer-songwriter lullaboy is RedRecords latest addition to the roster. Kicking off his signing to Universal Music Group’s and AirAsia’s joint musical venture, lullaboy is excited to prove, once again, that he’s one to watch – marking his major label debut with a finely crafted R&B/pop ode to love entitled “Shortcut To Heaven”.

Produced by Kevin White of Grammy nominated producer/songwriting duo Rice N’ Peas (whose resumé boasts production and songwriting credits on Bazzi’s hits ‘Mine’ and ‘Beautiful’, to songs by G-Eazy, Chelsea Cutler, Chris Brown, Lennon Stella amongst a slew of other hitmakers and chart toppers), the new single is inspired by the transcendent nature of falling in love, as lullaboy’s latest track grooves in perfect time to the beating hearts of hopeless romantics and star-crossed lovers around the world. 

lullaboy’s star power needs little introduction – with a lush and expansive discography that is evidently beloved by his 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, “Shortcut To Heaven” is gearing up to be another perfect addition; a gold star hit to further decorate a sparkling scoreboard.

Revered by fans for his unique adeptness for creating art that speaks to both moments of blissful serenity and utter despair, lullaboy is constantly parsing through facets of the human experience in search of the bigger picture: what him and his fans jovially refer to as “the answers to love and life.”

“Shortcut To Heaven” follows the journey of finding one’s deliverance in a soulmate. The song begins with the narrator going through the motions, “running in circles – jumping the hurdles”, until a cog is suddenly thrown into the gears. Out of the woodwork, completely unannounced, the muse lullaboy sings about reintroduces spontaneity into life; reinvigorating it with a sense of meaning, direction, and purpose.

In his own words, lullaboy adds: “This song just felt right to put out as the first single of a new era for me. I can’t say I know for sure the true meaning of love because I’m still learning everyday, but this song gives me so much hope and that’s what I want to give to my fans too.”

Uplifting beyond belief, “Shortcut To Heaven” resides deep in the pocket; each component bobbing along instinctively to the next – as lullaboy’s honeyed vocals tenderly stride across the midrange. With a stage set and crafted masterfully by Kevin White, the two artisans’ hit-bearing hallmarks work in perfect harmony to ensure each instrument’s lusciousness leaves little else to be desired; creating space for every sound to live and breathe comfortably in their most elemental form.

On how the release of this single marks the beginning of a new and inspiring chapter of his career, lullaboy concludes: “I’ve always done things independently, but now thanks to RedRecords, I’ve grown so much as an artist and person and I have a team of passionate people who believe our music and message. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working so hard on with the world.”

Enter lullaboy’s orbit and experience the sonic magic for yourself – “Shortcut To Heaven” is available to stream on any and all digital platforms September 23rd, 2022. The accompanying music video will premiere exclusively on lullaby’s YouTube channel on September 29th, 2022 at 9PM, GMT+8. 

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