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She Won! An 8-Year-Old Claims 1st In “Art Goes Nut”


At the age of 8-year-old, Chai Shyn Ern’s entry stood out among 300 entries and became the champion of the first <From Imagination to Reality: ART GOES NUT> – a commercial packaging design competition. Her creation is now printed on one of the JOBBIE hot selling products- Classic JOBBIE Nut Butter Collection, which has been made available in Singapore and Malaysia.

The international art school chain MuzArt announced in April this year that they will be working with the well-known peanut butter brand JOBBIE to create their first commercial product packaging design competition for children ages 4-12. The winner of the competition will get to showcase their artwork on JOBBIE’s product label to be sold in Singapore and Malaysia.

This opportunity allows children to develop their creative abilities and learn how to integrate this ability into life so that their creative works can be presented on commercial product packaging.

Participants unleashed their imagination on the label template which is an A3 paper and then designed it with any painting medium and materials. The art pieces were then opened for online voting and professional scoring by both MuzArt and JOBBIE top management. The competition attracted nearly 300 artworks from both Singapore and Malaysia.

Shannics Teh, founder and director of MuzArt International was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the submissions. “Some of the artworks surpassed the performance of children at the same age, it shows that age is just a number, it doesn’t stop children from showcasing their talent and creativity”, she said.

“Many parents thought learning how to draw is just scribbling on a piece of paper. However, we strive to create different learning experiences for our students through real-life experiences and more vivid teaching methods. Other than learning how to draw, we hope that every student could gain self-confidence, a sense of achievement, fresh exploration, and extraordinary experience while they are here at MuzArt.” Shannics Teh added.

She emphasized that in addition to cultivating children’s interest and sense of beauty, learning art is more important to enable children to acquire the most important core literacy in life growth on the way to learning so that children can nurture eyes that can discover beauty in their learning. 

Through MuzArt’s professionally designed curriculum to cultivate logic, it allows children to gain knowledge other than the art itself.

“They should know what to expect as soon as they see the design.”

The winning entry came from an eight-year-old girl named Chai Shyn Ern. “I hope everyone will know that this is a jar of peanut butter as soon as they see the label” – Shyn Ern believed that it shouldn’t be complicated when it comes to the design, and it coincides with the core values of both brands.

Shyn Ern showed her talent in painting when she was just about one and a half years old. She then joined MuzArt when she was only three and has been learning the art & drawing for more than five years now. It is worth mentioning that besides painting, Shyn Ern’s favorite activity at MuzArt is “clay making” which is also one of MuzArt’s signature courses, famous for developing children’s ability to act and judge, make design decisions, and complete works before the clay is fully dry – the moral is about time management.

Winning artwork has been made available in Singapore and Malaysia

This joint collaboration label design contest aims to encourage children to explore and express their creativity through arts as well as to let them have a taste of producing a design for an actual product. The winning design has now been brought to life and produced as the label on JOBBIE’s best-selling product – Chunky Classic Peanut Butter. This limited-edition label series will be rolled out to the market in the second half of the year and will be available exclusively online at Jobbie’s official website (

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