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6 Years Of Trial-And-Error Ended With A Glorious Win For MU, But What’s Next?

Picture: Twitter Lisandro Martinez

Glory, glory Man United indeed! Yesterday’s epic match between two powerhouses on the football field, Manchester United (MU) and Newcastle, brought excitement and happy tears to the fans of the Red Devils.


Picture: Twitter Lisandro Martinez

It started with an intense brawl between them as both clubs strived to win the Carabao Cup Final 2023. They were neck-in-neck and wouldn’t give each other a chance to ‘possess’ the ball.

However, Casemiro shone the light of victory on MU as he scored the first goal in the 33rd minute. Then, Marcus Rashford solidified MU’s game control by scoring the next goal in the 39th minute. The match ended with MU scoring 2-0 against Newcastle. Congratulations on the win!

Everyone was all smiles while receiving the Carabao Cup trophy. Their win ended the six years of trial-and-error of the club’s winning ‘drought’. It also marked the first win by Erik ten Hag’s new revolution for the legendary football club.

What’s next for MU?

Erik Ten Hag hadn’t dreamt of holding a trophy when he first started his job as the Red Devil’s coach last July. It was a long road full of challenges and obstacles he had to face before reaching victory.

However, comfort did lead to laziness. Ten Hag might’ve been too ‘comfortable’ after his club won the Bangkok Century Cup against Liverpool.

Yet, the pressure was intense as Ten Hag was the ‘replacement’ for Sir Alex Ferguson. Having the 81-year-old previously bring MU to countless wins, Ten Hag figured it wouldn’t be as easy. Additionally, with the controversial departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the club was bound to reach a messy end.

The Carabao Cup win is a wake-up call for the coach. Knowing there are more challenges in the future, Ten Hag learns from his mistakes and wishes to improve along with his team. It also put a smile on Sir Alex’s face!


Picture: Twitter ESPN FC

Ten Hag confessed, “I just love United. When I see Old Trafford and the legacy of Sir Alex, so many big players were developed here, and we want to do the same.”

Thus, Ten Hag promises to work hard and navigate his ‘right team’ to more successful wins in the future. Under his reign, Ten Hag wants to write a new history with his team.

We wish Ten Hag and MU the best of luck for their next matches. Break a leg!

Sources: Twitter, ESPN, Daily Mail UK

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