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Netizens Are Grateful For This Man For Not Ruining Son-Family Heartwarming Video

Picture: @littleanip1

In these modernized days, cameras and phones are the tools to capture moments. Whether be it heartwarming, sad, or happy, memories are to be captured. Thus, one day these memories can be cherished not just by them, but also by their future generations.

We have seen all over social media where people share their happy, heartwarming, and sad moments with the public. Sometimes, when we watch the videos shared, we feel for them. There is a lot we can get from the videos. For instance, when we see heartwarming videos, we strive to be better people. Or when we see happy videos, we aim to make other people happy too.

In a video shared he shares a heartwarming moment where he bows down to his mother’s feet after successfully achieving his dreams.


Tertunai sudah impian mak n umi…💪🏻Tahniah buat kawan2 yg lain jugak..#capcut #fyp

♬ original sound – littleanip1 – littleanip1

People feel touched by the video and are grateful for one thing. Do you notice something when you watch the video?

Yes, a man tries to walk past the moment when it is being recorded. Luckily, halfway through his walking, he ‘pulls the brake’ and walks the other way.

People are starting to cry watching the video, but that does not happen when they see the man. They find it funny.



Picture: @littleanip1

Anyway, congratulations to @littleanip1 for achieving your dream. Also, thanks to the man for ‘saving’ the video.

Source: @littleanip1 (TikTok)

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