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Despite Lose His Job, This Uncle Willing To Starve Taking Care Of His Sister and 93 Years Old Mother

Picture: Hopes In Meals

Many are still less fortunate in continuing their day-to-day life especially if they are losing their jobs on this struggling time. If a person lost his or her job, how they want to provide food for their family and supporting them?

The struggling also happens to an uncle where he has lost his job as a dishwasher. Even though losing his job, he is still trying to make sure that his sister and his 93-year-old mother were taking care of.

Picture: Hopes In Meals

Picture: Hopes In Meals

The story about him that has been shared by Hopes In Meals On Facebook also reveals that he is willing to starve just to feed his family.

“He is resorting to collecting cans and cupboard paper now but he’s unable to sell them until 2nd of June. We asked uncle his story on why he’s unable to pay for his food despite the recent govt cash payout and if he’s under any grant, uncle replied that he has a 93-year-old mother and sister that is sick,” said Hopes In Meals.

“The money he received from payouts have all been pass to his sister to take care of the mother. He tries his best to save money on meals and at many times resort to not eating so he can save more money to pass to his mother,” as said in the posts.

According to the uncle, he will just drink more water to keep from hunger or taking more rest if feeling weak. If we think that we are less fortunate now, remember that there are less fortunate than us out there.’

Source: Hopes In Meals

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