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A Boy Suffered Meltdown, Failed To Catch Any Fish While Fishing

Picture: @cik.mat.poi

Truth be told, the activity of fishing is not easy. It requires patience. Nevertheless, many people love going fishing as it keeps them calm. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the scenery at the lake, river, or sea. If you are someone who cannot be patient, this activity is not for you.

In a video on @cik.mat.poi’s TikTok account, he recorded a boy sitting by the lakeside, holding an umbrella. What catches the attention of the viewers is that the boy is having a major breakdown. Let’s take a look at the video:


Nak ikut mancing. Tapi bile kumpau, koyak plak🤣. Habib2. Macam2 hal la. 2x letih woo mancing rini. #memancing #koyak @mama_rieza @Zulia Shahira

♬ original sound – M.Saiful.Nizam – M.Saiful.Nizam

From the conversation between the child and a male adult, we get to know that the boy does not manage to catch any fish. Due to that, he becomes very sad and starts questioning what has gone wrong. Other people manage to catch some, while he does not.

Maybe the boy has this thought in mind that fishing is easy. I believe the boy learns a very valuable lesson that day.

People in the comments find the boy’s unlucky situation relatable to them:


Picture: @cik.mat.poi

Some people also think the boy is funny and cute at the same time. It is okay, little boy. You will manage to catch some fish soon. If not, there is always another hobby you can find!

Also congratulations to the man who tells the boy to be patient. Instead of having the same meltdown as the boy, he speaks nicely to the boy to teach him the meaning of patience.

Source: @cik.mat.poi (TikTok)

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