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Sofyank And Zizan Release A Video Together, Titled ‘Multiverse Of Fadil’

Sofyank and Zizan

Sofyank and Zizan have recently released an amazing video on YouTube. The video is titled the ‘Multiverse Of Fadil’ and without a doubt, it looks so amazing. When Sofyank posted a video on his YouTube channel and a lot of people would get excited to watch it.

This time around, he did amazing editing on a video that features Zizan in it. After watching this video, it can be seen that the true intention of this video is to promote a new movie. The movie is none other than the movie called ‘Abang Long Fadil 3.

Sofyank and Zizan New Video

Throughout the video, the fighting scene in it is the one that really draws a lot of netizens to watch it. After that, it also made so many netizens to praised the video and complimented the editing effort that was done by Sofyank himself. Great effort by him.

Looking at the comments section, netizens wrote many positive and uplifting comments for him. Such a supportive environment.

Picture: YouTube Sofyank

Picture: YouTube Sofyank

Stream and also enjoy the video edit on Sofyank’s YouTube channel now. This great talent should receive the support it deserves.

Sources: YouTube Sofyank.

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