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Do Africans Use Toilet Paper To Clean Themselves?


Do Africans even use toilet paper to clean themselves? Before we get to the answer, how do you describe Africa? Stereotypically, people would say that Africa is the land where their people and animals live together. Besides that, people would assume that Africa is a poor country. Food and water are said to be scarce. Technology is also not implemented there.

In several of @charityekezie ‘s posts on TikTok, she answers netizens’ questions about Africa and its people sarcastically.

Lifestyle In Africa

Her most watched video with 8.3 million views, @charityekezie answers a question from a netizen who wants to know if toilet papers exist in Africa. She answers the question sarcastically by saying that they only use dried grass and figs to clean themselves. What’s even funnier is that, while she explains the answer to the viewers, there are several stacks of toilet paper behind her. She intends to show that Africans actually do not use dried grass and figs. They also use toilet paper just like anybody else.


Replying to @plantmomma01 Why would someone use a paper after toilet? đŸ¤” #sacarsm #charityekezie #Africa

♬ original sound – Charityekezie

Another video is about her answering a netizen’s question if there are combs in Africa. Again, she decides to answer the question sarcastically. @charityekezie mentions that Africans do not use combs. Instead, they will have to go through some hurdles to find a porcupine to comb their hair. At the same time, there is a pink comb stuck on her hair to portray that combs do exist in Africa.

Source: NH States Park Blog

Even though the videos are funny, there is a moral lesson behind them. We should educate ourselves with knowledge about other countries and their people. We should also not solely believe in stereotypical statements about them. Some of the stereotypes are positive, however many of them are negative. Due to that, we should always be careful when stating them.

Source: TikTok.

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