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How Would You Know If An Information Is A Fraud?

Picture: ConsumerAffairs & PNGFind

How would you know if a piece of information is a fraud? Do you know that fraudulent information has a negative impact on the victims? Imagine you tell someone you need a treatment that costs thousands. You say that you need to borrow some money and repay them. In this world, there are many good-hearted people. After some time, somebody steps up to help you. After they give you the money, you just vanish without a trace. They found out that you are a fraud. Can you imagine how they would feel?

According to the Department of Information Services Malaysia, fraudulent information can affect someone’s mental health. Therefore, we must always make sure that any information given is from the right source.


Picture: USA Today

How to do so?

1) Check

  • Firstly, do a background check before believing the information.
  • If you are unsure, do not spread the information to other people.
  • Only spread the information if it comes from a genuine source (news, authorities, etc)

2) Look into the benefits of the information

  • Take your time to ponder if the information brings any good or benefit.
  • If the information seems unbeneficial, do not spread it to others.

3) Does the information plays with your emotions?

  • Usually, fraudulent information will manipulate your emotions. 
  • It is a tactic to make you fall for the information.

Picture: Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia

To be more careful next time, do check for any suspicious information on sebenarnya. my

Remember this, #TidakPastiJanganKongsi. Do not spread if you are unsure. 

Source: Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia

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