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‘Blue Lock’ Creator Congratulates Japan Win With Special Drawing

Picture: SkySports/@nomnii (Twitter)

Blue Lock is trending all over the internet ever since Japan won 2-1 against Germany in a historic World Cup match last night. Blue Lock is a manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura.

Japan’s second-half comeback really put the team on the map as Germany were the favorite to win the match.

Illustrator Yusuke Nomura took to Twitter to celebrate the win with a special drawing he draw of Blue Lock’s main character. Check it out below!

Nomura captioned the tweet with “World Cup first match victory! ! Congratulations, Japan! ! !” He also tweeted thanking fans for making Blue Lock trending world wide.

Blue Lock is indeed trending ever since Japan’s win with fans finding similarities with the manga and last night match. A fan even jokingly tweeted saying that the team watched Blue Lock’s anime at half-time!

What’s more interesting is that the jersey that the Japan’s team wore was actually design by Nomura! Illustrators of the Blue Lock and Giant Killing manga collaborated with Adidas to create the special jersey.

The design of the jersey was to make football a bigger and more integral part of Japanese culture. Not only that, their aim is to boost the number of young people who enjoy playing soccer every day.

Moreover, Adidas also released a special video to show how they made and came out with the design. Check it out below:

If you have not heard about Blue Lock, Blue Lock is a story about Yoichi Isagi, a high school football player, that joins a program called Blue Lock.

Blue Lock is a program that aims to trains young high school boys to become the world’s greatest striker. Those who fail Blue Lock will never again be permitted to represent Japan.

Sources: Sportskeeda

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