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Japan Beat Germany, But Their Fans Cleaned The Stadium!

Picture: @brfootball Twitter

Japanese fans could have gone wild after their team’s historic victory over Germany. But, they instead show that they will always practice good manners and discipline no matter what.

Yesterday, not long after Japan’s opening game 2-1 triumph over Germany, the Japanese fans were in the stands at the stadium. They put a halt to the celebration to clean up the stadium.

Interestingly, they did the same thing during the 2014 World Cup in Russia. Most notably after their squad, Japan lost 3-2 to Belgium in the round of 16. They did the same thing again on Sunday, during the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, even though they weren’t rooting for either team.

For your information, the Japanese ingrained cleanliness in children from a young age. To them, it’s a fundamental value.

One way Japanese people “show pride in their way of life,” according to Scott North, a professor of sociology at Osaka University, was to keep their homes and communities clean.

He explained that cleaning up after football games is an extension of basic behaviors taught in school. They have students to tidy their classrooms and halls.

In addition, on Sunday, Japan will take on Costa Rica in a Group E matchup. And on Thursday, they will take on Spain.

Source: BBC

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