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Japanese Fans Flood Shibuya Crossing After Win Against Germany

Picture: @ss_1_kk (Twitter)/ SkySports

Another day and another shocking World Cup match. This time it was Japan that managed to defeat the 2014 champions Germany in a 2-1 victory.

German manager Hansi Flick’s side took the lead in the first half with a penalty. However, it was Japan that managed to overturn the result, with a comeback in the final minutes of the game.

Japan joins Saudi Arabia in upsetting another footballing giant, with the latter defeating Argentina on Tuesday. This wasn’t the first time that Germany loss in the opening match of the tournament.

In the 2018 World Cup, Germany suffered a similar fate where they lost their first match to Mexico in a 1-0 lost.

Japanese supporters in Japan showed their enthusiasm over their historic win and took to the streets to celebrate. Fans crowded the busy intersection at Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing, which is an iconic location in Tokyo.

In a video on Twitter, you can see the fans running to the crosswalk when the traffic lights were red. They celebrated quickly before the lights turn green.

Amazingly, the supporters abide by the traffic rules and did not cause any traffic. Japan’s police were also at the place making sure that the fans did not halt any traffic. Check the video out below!

Sources: Sports Brief, SPORTbible

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