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Which Is Healthier For You, Brown Egg Or White Egg?

Picture: Freepik

Many individuals rely on eggs as their go-to food for any meal of the day. Eggs are fast and simple to make, and they also contain many benefits to our health.

But, there are two kinds of eggs, brown eggs, and white eggs. So, which one is healthier? While there are those who think that brown eggs are better as they think that brown eggs are more natural, there are others who think that white eggs are cleaner and they simply taste better.

It’s not uncommon to see both brown and white chicken eggs at the grocery store, right? However, many individuals are clueless as to the factors that result in the varying hues of eggs.

The chicken’s breed is the determining factor in the color of its eggs. In the case of hens, the White Leghorn lays white eggs while the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red produce brown ones.

The Araucana, Ameraucana, Dongxiang, and Lushi chickens are known to produce blue and green eggs.


Picture: Pam’s Backyard Chickens

Brown eggs or white eggs are healthier?

People who favour brown eggs say they’re healthier and more natural. All eggs, regardless of size, grade, or colour, are nutritionally identical.

Eggs are nutritious, brown and white. An egg has vitamins, minerals, and protein in less than 80 calories. What’s more, scientists have compared brown and white eggs to discover if there’s a difference. Several research indicated shell colour doesn’t alter an egg’s nutritional content.

Therefore, this means shell colour doesn’t affect an egg’s nutritional content. Only the shell colour differs.

Source: Healthline

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