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Man Shares Why He Chooses White Chicken Eggs From Mydin, And Here’s Why!

chicken eggs
Pictures: Twitter Rashid Yusoff, TikTok Mydin

Chicken eggs have been in demand every day. It is a Malaysian staple to have this ingredient in the kitchen. As versatile as these humble eggs are, it is a bit hard to find them in stock. Although these eggs are available anywhere, there aren’t many as it was before.

Amid the egg crisis we are facing now, a Twitter user tweeted something that might be everyone’s lifesaver!

White chicken eggs are the way to go

According to him, he has tried the white chicken egg. Interestingly, the egg is delicious and tastes way better than Omega!

For your information, Omega is one of the famous egg brands in Malaysia. It is known for its high quality. But the price is higher than the usual carton of eggs we normally purchase.

In his tweet, he included a photo of Mydin’s managing director, Mr Ameer Ali, holding a few of these white chicken eggs.

What are the differences between these chicken eggs?

Mr Ameer, in a video, talked about the differences between white and brown eggs.


Live daripada Datuk Ameer untuk customer MYDIN! #MYDINMalaysia #telurpapan

♬ original sound – Mydin Malaysia – Mydin Malaysia

Firstly, the white chicken egg is imported, while the brown is locally obtained. Next, the egg is white because it is from a white feathered chicken. This applies to the brown egg, which comes from a brown feathered chicken.

Also, the white egg is smaller, more like a D grade, according to Mr Ameer. Thirty eggs cost RM 15. Mr Ameer agreed the price isn’t costly nor cheap, but from the quality and taste, we can’t really complain.

However, if you intend to buy these eggs, Mydin said it is only available in Mydin USJ (as of now). No worries, though! These eggs will be in many Mydin outlets soon!

But, Mr Ameer ushers people to buy local eggs if there are still in stock. As always, Mydin virtues local products more than anything!

White egg tastes better

Users that have tasted the white egg highlight the difference. They say the yolk tastes richer and creamier. This white chicken egg is suitable for breakfast. They stated that half-boiled eggs with a dash of soy sauce are the way to go.

chicken eggs

Picture: Twitter @RashidYusoff11

Some are ready to ambush Mydin to buy the eggs.

chicken eggs

Picture: Twitter @RashidYusoff11

If you want to nibble on the deliciousness of white chicken eggs, look closely at Mydin’s latest update. Sooner or later, these delicacies might be in your Mydin!

Sources: Twitter Rashid Yusoff, TikTok Mydin

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