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Two Singaporean Lads Cycled To Hanoi From Singapore, Raise Funds For Street Dogs

Picture: letourdefranks

It does not take much to be a kind person. Two Singaporean lads went on a tour only by their bikes from Singapore to Hanoi. They did not do this solely for fun, but they were raising funds for the local street dogs.

According to Mothership, Nigel Quek and Aaron Sim have planned to go on the bike trip for a while now. A few weeks before they were about to start their tour, a better plan struck them. The 23-year-old lads decided to do some charity while on the bike tour.

Sim has a dog who was adopted from Save Our Street Dogs (SoSD). Thus, they aimed to raise funds for SosD because they like how the organization cares for street dogs.


Picture: letourdefranks

“I’m personally quite thankful for the work that organizations like SoSD do, which is why we chose to support SoSD for our ride.”

They first had to travel through central Malaysia. Then, they continued through Thailand, Laos, and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Interestingly, both Quek and Sim put on humor throughout their tour. They wore hotdog suits to attract the attention of people.


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When it was time to rest their eyes at night, they would be sleeping in the tents that they brought along. Overall, their journey took 33 days.

The duo also asserted that all the money collected would be given to SoSD. Meanwhile, their trip was self-funded.

What a cool charity there were doing. Not only they got to visit other countries, but they also helped the dogs.

Sources: Mothership, letourdefranks (Instagram)

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