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Musang King Durians’ Price Drop In Singapore

Picture: Yahoo News Singapore

It is a fruitful year-end season in Malaysia. The durians’ crops are increasing in number which caused the durians to be cheaper. In Singapore, the durians will cost S$10 per kg, which is the lowest price in four years.

According to Mothership, the durians imported to Singapore are harvested in Johor and Pahang. The supply of the king of fruits is large because the farmers harvested the fruits simultaneously during this season.


Picture: BusinessToday

Due to the large number of durians harvested, the prices eventually drop. Mothership added the land yields durians thanks to the weather condition.

Usually, during the year-end season, the land would not produce many fruits, and therefore, the prices were high. However, this year’s end season is fruitful due to the durians being harvested at the same time.

In Singapore, durian lovers can buy Musang King for S$10 per kg.

A merchant said, “I get the goods at a low price, so the selling price is relatively cheap. In the past, the cheapest price was S$12 per kg. This time, S$10 per kg is really low.”

S$10 per kg is considered cheap, however, another merchant revealed that the prices of the Musang King could get lower.


Picture: KatianFarm

“It is very likely that the price will be halved, and it is also possible that one musang king is S$5.”

Besides that, Mothership added that people are not aware of the durian season. They did not know if the season has arrived or not. Due to that, the year-end season’s sale is 40 percent lower than the regular peak season.

Nevertheless, the demand for durians will increase if they are aware of when the season is. The more demand for fruits, the lower the price will be.

Source: Mothership

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