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Woman Gives Her Cat A Taste of Durian, And Now She Regrets It!

Picture: @rossenaunai

Durian, without a doubt, is the most magnificent fruit in Malaysia. Durian has thick, green, yellow, thorny skin. Despite the looks, once you have a taste of it, you’ll taste delicious and tender golden flesh.

It has an extremely pungent odor too. Most Malaysians love durian. We haven’t cracked it open yet, but someone is surely waiting impatiently in the kitchen for the durian.

“I regret teaching you to eat durian”

Recently, a video posted on TikTok by @rossenaunai has gained much interest from others. The video showed her cat impatiently waiting for her to crack the durian open. Interestingly, the video has gained 524.1k views and 41.7k likes on TikTok.

In the video, the cat was seen to “sit” like a human on the table and “wait” for its turn to eat the durian. It seems like the woman had just placed the durian on the dining table. But, she was surprised when her cat suddenly came up and waited in front of the durian.

As its owner, she knew that her cat wanted her to crack the durian open. She stated that she felt regret for teaching her cat to eat durian. Now every time she brings the fruit home, of course, her cat will wait and ask for the durian.

Other cats’ owners share the same experience as hers

Other cats’ owners also commented on her TikTok to share the same experience that they have with their cats. Instead of sharing durian with their family, now they have to share durian with their cats as well.




Picture: @rossenaunai

A friendly reminder for every cat’s owner, please don’t ever try to teach your cat to eat durian! You might have to buy extra durian after this for your cat!

Watch the adorable yet funny video below:


#fypシ゚viral #kucingtiktok #kucingkunakal😻fyppppp

♬ Ngakak Muka Manyun (Voice Mix) – shaniamelia

Source: @rossenaunai

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