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Singapore’s Mercedes Refused To Give Way To A Malaysian Ambulance

Picture: We are Malaysian Facebook Group

According to Mothership, a black Mercedes with a Singapore registering plate refused to give way to a Malaysian ambulance. The incident happened at Johor Bahru. The car was heading to Woodlands in the direction of Singapore.

Sirens or the flickering lights of the ambulance are not good signs. Thus, people should be aware by now that we have to make way from an ambulance to pass. Even though the road is busy at the moment, we should still find a way to let the ambulance pass. By doing this, we may save someone’s life.

The Mercedes was moving at a low speed in the middle of the lane. The video of the incident was uploaded on the We Are Malaysian Facebook Group. It could be seen from the video that the road was busy with cars.

Aside from that, the ambulance of Kempas Medical Centre was signaling to enter the right lane, in front of the Mercedes. However, the car did not do anything to let the ambulance pass. The car then eventually allowed the ambulance to enter the lane after the ambulance driver raised his hand to signal him.


Picture: We Are Malaysian Facebook Group

Mothership added that people were enraged with the driver of the Mercedes. It is inconsiderate of the driver to not give way to an ambulance who is trying to save someone’s life.

Some people also questioned the ambulance because it did not turn on the sirens, only the lights.

Source: Mothership

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