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The Most Googled Words In Malaysia 2022? Anwar Ibrahim And BKM Enter The List

Picture: MatMatch

Google Trends has recently uncovered the most googled words in 2022. Furthermore, these words vary from different countries worldwide, and Malaysia offers an exciting list of the most googled terms this year!

The long list somehow reflects Malaysia’s mental and emotional state: from the topsy-turvy 15th General Election (GE) to the box office movie Mat Kilau, you’ll surely gape in awe to see this list!

The top five searches in Malaysia this year are:


Pictures: Xpres!, Wikimedia Commons, LinkedIn, ASEAN Briefing

  1. Bantuan Khas Malaysia (BKM)
  2. MySPR Semak
  3. World Cup 2022
  4. Keputusan PRU-15
  5. MyUndi

Generally, many Malaysians were curious to know the validity of their BKM application and MySPR status.

Next, trending words in tropical news are:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Peninsular Malaysia floods
  3. Perdana Menteri Malaysia
  4. Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD)
  5. Influenza

Expectedly, Ukraine would top the list for many incidents happening locally and globally. Also, Peninsular Malaysia floods entered the list as a catastrophic disaster that continuously happened throughout these 12 months.

These words would definitely bring you back to memory lane:

  1. 1) Queen Elizabeth
  2. Adibah Noor
  3. TangMo
  4. Syazlin Zainal
  5. Shinzo Abe

In films, here are the most googled words:


Pictures: IMDb

  1. Mat Kilau
  2. KKN di Desa Penari
  3. Black Adam
  4. Top Gun
  5. Jurassic World

Another successful storm struck Malaysia’s film industry with Syamsul Yusof’s box office Mat Kilau. Plus, it’s still the talk of the town despite its release in June.

Next, other exciting searches are:

International personalities:

  1. Amber Heard
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Will Smith
  4. Kajol
  5. Chris Rock

Local personalities:


Pictures: Google

  1. Anwar Ibrahim
  2. Zalina Azman
  3. Najib Razak
  4. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
  5. Azam Baki

TV Series:

  1. All of Us Are Dead
  2. Melur Untuk Fordaus
  3. Business Proposal
  4. 7 Hari Mencintaiku 3
  5. Big Mouth


  1. World Cup 2022
  2. Thomas Cup 2022
  3. Denmark Open 2022
  4. Liga World Cup 2022
  5. Sunway Lagoon

Hence, these are the most googled words in Malaysia this year. So, what’s yours?

Sources: The Vocket, Google Trends (Malaysia)

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