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Solve People’s Problem, Google Assistant Can Now Read Entire Pages To You

Picture via Xiaomist

Just admit it that sometimes most of us do not have the time to read due to the busyness of work and the lack of free time. Google today introduced a new feature in Google Assistant that allows websites to be read and interpreted through voice commands.

A total of 42 languages are currently supported.  With this feature, you can “read” web pages even while driving because Assistant can be invoked using voice. Unfortunately for Malaysians, the Malay language is not yet supported at this time.

Add-on Assistant can automatically translate any website through user preferences.  All you have to do is go to the website you want to browse. Then simply give the voice command “Ok Google read it” and the Assistant will automatically read the site like a newsreader.

To enjoy this latest Assistant feature you need to update Google and Chrome applications to the latest version and allow Assistant to read screen displays.

For Android users, Google says this feature should work on any modern Android phone from Android 5.

Source: Google

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