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Video of A Rat Eating Fried Chicken At A Restaurant, KKM To Take Further Action

Picture: @zoeyhanafiah (Twitter)

When we go to a restaurant, we expect to eat in a clean and nice atmosphere. The preparation of the food should also be considered.

In a video viral on Twitter, a man has captured a rat roaming around in a container of fried chickens. Not just that, the rat was also seen eating the fried chicken.

The person who saw it took the chance to record it as it happened in front of his eyes. He also asserted that he would never go to the same restaurant ever again.

The video of the rat has alerted Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia to take action against the restaurant.


Picture: KKM

It is important for KKM to investigate the issue as the food eaten by the customers may have been spoiled. Thus, it could affect the customers’ health.

As the video did not include other information, it is hard for KKM to detect which is restaurant located. Other people on Twitter also asked the owner of the video to include the name and the location of the restaurant. This is to avoid others from coming to the restaurant until KKM furthers the investigation.

For those who may have encountered the same thing, please report it to KKM so that the department can take further action.

Source: Twitter

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