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A Crossover You Wouldn’t Expect: Neymar And BLACKPINK Lisa Met At A Restaurant In Paris!

Neymar and BLACKPINK Lisa
Pictures: Instagram Neymar and BLACKPINK Lisa, Pinterest

We didn’t expect a crossover between one of the best football players, Neymar and BLACKPINK Lisa, one of the most loved members of the group. But it did happen! And many are rejoicing about the encounter that Neymar trended on Twitter at #11!

Picture: Twitter

This shows that K-pop is no longer uncommon in today’s world. There are many fans worldwide that love either girl or boy groups from the country. That includes celebrities, public figures, politicians and also footballers.

It all started when Lisa unexpectedly posted an Instagram story last night. She shared a picture of her and Neymar. Not long afterwards, Neymar reposted Lisa’s story on his Instagram too!

Neymar and BLACKPINK Lisa met in Paris!

A fan shared that Neymar and Lisa met at a luxury club/restaurant Le Matignon in Paris.

It’s one of the finest dining and bars in the country. The restaurant offers an open bar experience at 11 pm afterwards for diners to enjoy the view at night. Maybe both celebrities had a good time together at the bar!

The Brazillian footballer is a BLINK!

It looks like Neymar has always been a fan of BLACKPINK.

honors lisa (@honorslisa) collected some receipts that showed the Brazilian footballer is one of many BLACKPINK fans!

Aside from subtly promoting BLACKPINK’s song, Pink Venom, he also used the band’s exclusive pack in PUBG! He’s indeed a true BLINK!

Additionally, Neymar also lives a successful life as a fanboy. He met many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drake and Demi Lovato.

Neymar and BLACKPINK Lisa

Picture: Twitter #10 (@neyymarjrx)

This was an exciting crossover that we didn’t see coming! Who knows what we’ll see next?

Sources: Instagram Neymar, Instagram BLACKPINK Lisa, Twitter, Twitter @GIRLOVESICK, Twitter honors lisa, Twitter #10 (neyymarjrx)

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