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AEON Offers A Discount On Viral Seasonings With A Spicy Quote, “Itulah Pentingnya English ‘Edukesyen'”

Pictures: Facebook AEON Retail Malaysia, myaeon2go, Redbubble

Hopping on the fiery train, AEON savagely shared a post on their Facebook page. It looks like the “seasonings ‘contain’ pork” issue is still hotly discussed. Despite already taking down the video, the power of the internet proved nothing ever disappears once uploaded.

One of the biggest retail markets in Malaysia shared its input about the issue with a spicy response. In the post, they stated, “Like Usop Wilcha said, itulah pentingnya English edukesyen (that’s why English education is important).”

We talked about this issue before. Although the person’s intention might or might not be to spread awareness, it was clear there was no ‘contains pork’ on the seasoning but ‘use on’. We agreed that reading and understanding a context is important before sharing it with others.

Adding more kick to their statement, AEON added a hashtag, #taburataskaupunboleh ([it] can be sprinkled on you too)! Wow, AEON! We didn’t know you and Mydin were besties.

The seasonings are taken up a notch in the comment section

Please leave it to Malaysians to either praise or attack you with biting comments.

Generally, many are entertained by AEON’s savage posts. Some say it’s too hot to handle!


Picture: Facebook AEON Retail Malaysia

However, some also shared their opinions about this.

A user said, “It may look harsh, but it’s a lesson to all. Fact-check and re-check everything you want to post. [The original uploader] is considered lucky. What if they were fined [for spreading false information]?”

Aside from that, a few wonder if AEON’s admin page is the same as Mydin’s. Their level of savageness goes through the roof!


Picture: AEON Retail Malaysia

Cajun seasoning is now on sale at AEON!

We’re unsure if AEON is putting oil on the fire, but when we visit the retailer’s online shop, that particular seasoning is on sale!

From RM 11.80, the price now is only RM 10.58!

Some other seasonings are also on sale too. Is it a coincidence?

But no worries. It can be used ‘on’ every protein. And probably, this seasoning will be the top-seller from AEON soon!

Sources: Facebook AEON Retail Malaysia, myAEON2go

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