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Can Malaysians Survive In South Korea With Only RM10 In Their Pocket?

Pictures: TikTok Tara Choi

Previously, a TikToker shared their experience living in Malaysia with only RM10 in their pocket. Some didn’t believe they could have three meals a day with RM10 as everything is more expensive lately. It’s also difficult to find any local spots that offer delicious food at a good price.

When travelling overseas, one of the biggest concerns is the currency rate. Some countries have a lower rate than Malaysia, while some are higher. Therefore, if you’re thinking of travelling to a place, for example, South Korea, is it possible to have delicious meals for only RM10?

Tara (@tara_choi_) shared a video that might turn your disbelief into belief.


Maybe Korea is not so mahal 😄💸 #RM10challenge #visitkorea #jomtravel #busan #koreanfood #fypmalaysia

♬ Paradise – Bazzi

Three meals a day in South Korea for RM10 is possible!

Tara has only RM10 (3000 ₩) in her hands. But she could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a small amount of money. Let’s see what we can eat for RM10 when we visit the country!

Firstly, for breakfast, Tara bought two pieces of fish bun for RM3.40! If you’re unfamiliar with this iconic snack, fish bun (bungeoppang) is a doughy-kind-of-waffle. It is inspired by the Japanese taiyaki.


Pictures: Seoul Korea Tour, THIS IS JAPAN — Japanese Information

This versatile dish has various fillings like bean paste and custard. However, many street vendors go outside of the box by making other flavours like cheese, pizza, chocolate and others.

For lunch, Tara bought another loved dish by Koreans and people around the world, tteokbokki! It was only RM3.40 too! Isn’t that cheap?


Tteokbokki (떡볶이) is a rice cake dish soaked in spicy and sweet red sauce. The base of the sauce is from the gochujang (fermented chilli) paste. Everyone loves this addictive snack, including Tara!

Lastly, for dinner, she went to the convenience store. She bought beef ramyeon. And you won’t believe the price— it’s also RM3.40!

Some commenters are excited to know they can have authentic and delicious meals for RM10!


Oicture: TikTok Tara Choi


Picture: TikTok Tara Choi

From her video, Malaysians travelling to South Korea can have a taste of famous Korean dishes at RM10! It is possible, after all!

Source: TikTok Tara Choi

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