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Check Out On This Firetruck Lego, Malaysia Version!

Picture: @batubutterlego

Children and adults enjoy playing with lego. Lego consists of tiny plastic bricks, baseplates, tiles, and more that maybe we do not know the name of. Of course, playing with lego is fun, but the most important thing is that we can enhance our thinking skills.

Yes, even playing requires thinking. Aside from that, it also teaches us to be patient, as building something with lego is not an easy thing. It requires meticulous care.

These days, many kinds of lego are being sold at supermarkets. There are versions of Batman, flower bouquets, birds, and various more. But have you seen anything like this at the store? Watch the video to know more:


Pernah tengok Lego Bomba? #Lego #legotiktok #videography #toysoftiktok @theeleventhbricks

♬ original sound – BatuButterLego – BatuButterLego

Cool, right? It is a firetruck, and it is the spitting image of Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia’s firetruck!

According to @batubutterlego, this firetruck is a MOC (My Own Creation) by @theeleventhbricks. Like what has been mentioned in the video, @theeleventhbricks spent 6 months building the firetruck. The cost to build the vehicle toy is RM500.

Looking at the firetruck, we cannot tell that it requires hundreds of pieces of lego. What? That much? Yes, and in fact, it requires 800 pieces of lego elements to build one firetruck.

Interestingly, @theeleventhbricks is very detailed in building our country’s firetruck. He includes the ladder, orange cones, storage boxes, and other things that can be found in a real-size firetruck.

Very creative! For those who do not know, @theeleventhbricks has built many other things from lego, especially those that portray Malaysia. For instance, he has built a Proton Saga, police car, Rapid bus, and more!


Picture: theeleventh.bricks

If you wish to see more of his creations, feel free to visit his Instagram and TikTok. You will be amazed!

Sources: @theeleventhbricks, @batubutterlego (TikTok), theeleventh.bricks (Instagram)

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